Celebrating 45 years of operation at The Airport In The Sky! - April 27, 1973 - 2018

The repeaters are located 26 miles off the Southern California coast on Santa Catalina Island. From their offshore location at an elevation of 1602 feet above sea level, they have great coverage of the Southern California area and are operated 100% on solar power. The repeaters are open repeaters for all amateurs who are members, non-members, visitors and even travelers and vacationers to the Southern California area. We simply ask that they obey FCC regulations and operate courteously.

147.090 MHz (+0.600 MHz) No PL

224.420 MHz (-1.600 MHz) PL 110.9

927.9375 MHz (-25 MHz)    DPL 311

51.86 (-0.500 MHz)  82.5 PL

Packet node on 145.050 - CARA, Bulletin Board - CARABB 

Avalon Repeater  446.140 MHz (-) PL 110.9  Local repeater, works only in Avalon.  Talk all over Avalon with just a low-power handheld!  Linked to 147.090.

Costa Mesa  224.32 MHz (-) PL 151.4


Join CARA or renew your membership on the Membership page.  We are now set up for paying with PayPal.  Instructions for joining or renewing can be found on the Membership page.  Just click on the button below to go to the Membership page.

Please direct your questions to info@cara.nu

Nets Held on the Catalina Repeaters

Mondays 7:00 pm - Membership Net - ARRL Audio News, Officer announcements,

                                Member and Visitor Check-In (approximately 7:15 pm)

Mondays approx. 7:45 pm - Swap Net  tune in early so you don't miss it

Tuesdays 7 pm - Tuesday informal net on 224.420 & 51.86 (linked for the net)

First & Third Thursdays 7 pm on 147.090 - Trivia Net

Meeting Dates

2018: February 10, April 14, June 9, August 11, October 13, December 8

Picnics in May and September

Officer Nominations at the April Meeting

Election of Officers at the June Meeting

Echolink On the 220 Repeater

Talk any time day or night on our 220 repeater via Echolink Conference Server *CATALINA* (Node #384712). The 220 repeater is linked to the 2 & 6 meter repeaters for the Monday night Membership and Amateur Radio Swap nets.  On Tuesdays the 220 repeater is linked to 6 meters for the informal "620 Net". If you don't have a 220 radio or you are out of town and want to check in with your friends, give Echolink a try!

Click here to visit Echolink to learn more and download Software

ARRL Southwestern Division Convention 

To be announced.  Have to wait until September 2019